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Mission & Ethos

Why Sitel Group?

Our Mission and Ethos are the reason that Sitel Group® exists in the world. The mission details what we believe, what we do and how we do it. Our mission aligns us all behind a shared objective and inspires us in everything we do, every day (our reason why). Our ethos, the way we approach achieving the mission, are the things that differentiate us in the marketplace and how we bring our mission to life. As we grow and evolve, our narrative must remain connected to a consistent and relevant guiding story. We are continuously building stories that matter to our audiences, elevating the Sitel Group brand with the power of what we do.

Customer Centricity

Our brand story is impact-focused, not Sitel Group-focused. And, sharing the reason why we do what we do is more compelling that just describing the products we offer. People won’t truly buy into a product, service or idea until they understand the ‘why’ behind it.

Whoever we are talking to, our why should always be the starting point for our story.

This ‘Why Sitel Group’ verbiage is written in a very specific way for a very specific purpose. Do not alter the words of our mission or ethos; these do not change. They are written so you can take one sentence, one paragraph or several paragraphs if you need it. However, depending on the customer you are speaking to, your story should be tailored around their needs.

We use this story – these words, these messages – repetitively so we can strengthen our brand in our industry and for our customers. As a global business, our strategy is to grow with global customers. Having this brand-story consistency across our different borders and products is important because these differences, what differentiates us in the market, is visible with global customers and brands.

Our Mission

We believe every organization can build stronger brand engagement and drive long-term business growth by unlocking the power of customer experience (CX). Our mission is to empower brands to build stronger relationships with their customers by creating meaningful connections that boost brand value.

Engagement, we believe, is a direct outcome of the empathy created when teams – invested in the delivery of your brand promise – work with a deep understanding of your customers and their unique needs. By bringing people, data and technology together, we create compelling experiences for your customers in the moments that matter.

The Sitel Group® Difference

Fanatical About Your Customers

Our job is to wow your customers.

We deliver 4.5 million brand experiences across the world every day that bring brands closer to their customers, but consumers don’t know our name or who we are. And this is our goal, because delivering meaningful experiences on your behalf is our No. 1 priority.

We’re committed to helping you build lasting relationships with your customers – relationships that drive loyalty, advocacy and confidence – to ensure your business thrives and flourishes in today’s (and tomorrow’s) competitive landscape.

No matter where your customers are on the map, you want to be close to them – wherever and whenever they need support. Acting as an extension of your team, we enable you to create connections with your customers across channels that fulfill your brand promise.

With innovative solutions, cutting-edge technologies and 100,000 highly trained experts on your team, you stay ahead of expectations by delivering personalized, differentiated CX for your customers.

We Innovate so You Can Reach New Peaks

Problem-solving innovation.

Leading brands never stand still; you’re constantly innovating to meet changing and evolving consumer needs. Groundbreaking innovation comes to life when specialists with diverse viewpoints, and inspired by your vision and goals, ask “what if?” to reduce effort and create solutions for your customers’ needs.

We innovate to enable you to lead the pack. By blending the latest digital-first technologies from across a diverse partner ecosystem with the skills of customer-centric pros, you benefit from the competitive advantages created by embedding artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA) and deep data analytics in your team.

Data-driven insights and innovation allow you to build the future with confidence, knowing you have agility and true customer insights in your toolkit. As a leading global CX provider, Sitel Group brings grounded ideas to the table, collaborating with your internal team to inspire what is possible, validate what works and ensure you benefit from efficient ramps ups and the maximum return on your investment.

Innovation demands an eternal curiosity, and a passion to improve, refine and iterate. You benefit from an approach built upon diverse thinking, empowered by a unique user-centric design brought to life through the Sitel® MAX methodology, within the scope of your individual business goals and brand promise. Our commitment is a partnership that connects your brand with big ideas that add customer value – delivering authentic, brand-led experiences.

Solutions Built Around You

Boost your efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction. 

Your brand is unique, with distinct values, objectives and goals. That’s why you need solutions that support your individual needs. EXP+™, the enterprise experience platform from Sitel Group, delivers integrated and vertical-specific solutions, tailored to your specific needs. By selecting the most appropriate foundational technology, building upon it and applying our expertise to meet your individual needs you benefit from a solution that’s ideal for you today and ready for tomorrow.

Best-in-class CX sets the world’s best-loved brands apart from the rest. Your customers are actively looking for an outstanding, differentiated CX and reward businesses that deliver. Because the definition of good CX is constantly changing, EXP+ delivers the forward-thinking solution you need to stay ahead of customer expectations.

EXP+ is a flexible solution with complete cloud capability that boosts efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction. From performance management to chat, email and voice-based contact center solutions to digital transformation, automation, data-driven insights and CX consulting, EXP+ delivers more. Within this ecosystem, elements work individually or come together seamlessly to create greater efficiency and more business value while driving continuous improvement across your CX delivery.

Driven by Your Success

We succeed when you succeed. 

Our success is 100% reliant on your success. That’s why we’re committed to building mutual relationships that reward us when you achieve your goals.

Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500, the cornerstone of brand loyalty is trust. To consistently deliver against your brand promise, you must cite clear goals and build a deep understanding of your customers’ needs and experience, creating long-term benefits.

Leveraging a data-driven understanding of your customers reveals their growing needs. By listening to and understanding your strategic business challenges alongside your customers’ needs, our team works as an extension of your own to inspire and deliver agile, transformative approaches.

Breaking down silos and consolidating data across disparate systems and tools, our approach ensures you have the most relevant and powerful insights at your fingertips, driving innovative solutions to consistently meet and exceed your goals.

Your Competitive Edge

As a global CX solutions leader, we design, build and deliver a competitive edge across customer touchpoints bringing you closer to your customers.

With our award-winning culture and industry-leading experience, we improve your business results by pairing design thinking, innovation and digital solutions with the expertise and empathy of our people to Create Connection. Value Conversation.

Our Values

As a global corporation with 100,000+ people spread across 29 countries, the four core values of Sitel Group® guide the way we work with our customers and each other. Our values make us who we are – they shape the way we do business; they are central to our culture; and they form the strong foundation that differentiates us. In an ever evolving world, our values are constant, anchoring us to our vision of the organization we are today and want to be tomorrow.

As part of our DNA, our four people-centric values nurture our brand and reflect our culture focused on innovation, creativity and an entrepreneurial approach.

These four core values are at the heart of every decision we make.


Be Bold

We have big dreams and innovate to achieve them.

Our Common Goal

To achieve our mission of empowering brands to build stronger relationships with their customers by creating meaningful connections that boost brand equity, we must constantly disrupt our own industry. Be Bold is the rallying cry that inspires us to imagine “what if?” and innovate to build it.

Our Promise

For our Associates

  • We recognize and reward innovation
  • We expect associates to champion continuous improvement
  • We are passionate about delivering the best experiences for our customers
  • We require all levels of our organization to maintain an open mind; new approaches are welcomed and supported – nothing is sacred

For our Customers

  • We do more with less
  • We deliver new ideas and approaches by seeking innovation
  • We dare to be different

For our Business

  • We stand apart from our competitors
  • We lead, we don’t follow

Work Together

We harness the power of diverse groups to deliver greater value.

Our Common Goal

We are stronger together and our success should never be at the expense of others. Our curiosity, empathy and desire to learn through the sharing of diverse experiences inspires and enables us to have greater impact for our communities and customers.

Our Promise

For our Associates

  • We champion diversity at all levels
  • We breakdown silos to maximize the potential of our collective genius
  • We encourage associates to ask questions, share their perspectives and inspire others
  • We give back to the communities in which we live and work
  • We foster inclusivity to create a fun work environment for all

For our Customers

  • We enjoy diverse partnerships, and share the benefits with our customers
  • We value strong relationships, and work hard to build them

For our Business

  • We are good corporate citizens
  • We make better decisions as a result of diverse thinking

Build Trust

We lead by example with integrity and authenticity and hold each other accountable.

Our Common Goal

Our people, processes and technologies act as guardians of your brand, securing your data across each and every interaction.

Our Promise

For our Associates

  • We lead by example
  • We take ownership
  • We treat everyone with empathy and respect
  • We rigorously safeguard our customers’ data

For our Customers

  • We actively engage with your business
  • We communicate often and transparently
  • We protect your (and your customers’) data privacy
  • We always act in the best interest of your brand

For our Business

  • We build mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships

Wow Customers

We’re fanatical about customers and always deliver in the moments that matter.  

Our Common Goal

Our customers’ success is our success. Achieving success is reliant on developing a deep understanding of the customer’s strategies and goals. We collaborate to consistently deliver against shared objectives.

Our Promise

For our Associates

  • We prioritize achieving customers’ goals
  • We seek out win-win solutions
  • We under promise and over deliver
  • We walk in our customers’ shoes, enabling us to build unique experiences in the moments that matter

For our Customers

  • We listen intently to understand your goals
  • We set realistic expectations
  • We add greater value through deep understanding of your business and your brand

For our Business

  • We are renowned for delivering on our promises
  • We deliver outstanding customer experiences that boost brand equity

Our People

We believe the employee experience is the customer experience, so we foster an environment where people are encouraged to be creative thinkers, take calculated risks and seek unique solutions. We believe connections are at the heart of our business – connections with our customers, connections with our associates and connections with the local communities in which we operate. We connect people to brands and brands to people by constantly delivering exceptional experiences regardless of the solution, location or channel.

Our people are passionate about customers and they have the training and tools to deliver a unique and exceptional experience to every customer – anywhere, any time via any channel.

Our foundation is built upon our entrepreneurial DNA and mindset and shapes our core beliefs and drives our actions.

Our commitment to our people comes to life through programs like Sitel® MAX, or My Associate Experience.

How We Speak to Our Customers

At Sitel Group, the people who pay us should be referred to as customers, not clients. Our customers’ customers are referred to as consumers.

Our brand’s tone of voice lets our audience know who we are. It gives Sitel Group® personality and reflects what customers can expect when they choose to partner with us.

As a global organization, a consistent tone of voice builds trust, broadcasts what we stand for and works to differentiate us from our competitors.

While our central messages remain the same, our tone of voice changes based upon the audience we are talking to. These guidelines refer to communications aimed at our customers and potential customers.

Because of our people-centric culture, we are always warm and friendly. We write as if we are talking to a colleague who we also consider a friend. We are professional, but open and approachable. We are poised, assertive and confident, but not arrogant or boastful.

A Trusted Business Partner

As part of the Build Trust value, Sitel Group aims to be a trusted, long-term business partner for the customers we serve. Our tone of voice reflects this as we are always:

  • Straightforward

We use simple language and avoid jargon; our examples are simple and grounded. We avoid technical, grandiose or complicated language. Our goal is to communicate simply, clearly and honestly.

  • Results Focused

We demonstrate how our solutions drive business results using real, data-driven measurable results.

  • An Authority, but not Authoritative

Our tone is always friendly and encouraging. We recommend based on our experiences, but we never tell customers what to do. We’re warm, but never sarcastic or unprofessional.

  • Empowering

We share information that helps others reach their goals. We walk in our customers’ shoes and demonstrate that we have a deep understanding of their challenges. We listen first and speak last. We offer solutions. We coach, but never talk down our customers.

We are Customer-Centric

Our success is 100% reliant on the growth of our customers. We build partnerships that generate shared success. Because we are fanatical about our customers, we always look through their eyes to tell our story.

  • Clearly set out how the customer benefits in the story you are telling – stand in the customer’s shoes and ask yourself “so what?”
  • Never celebrate Sitel Group in and of itself. Our story is always about our customers and so we always celebrate our success by telling the story of their accomplishments. Product-specific messaging, such as product sell sheets, is the only time we talk about ourselves first.
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