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About Sitel Group.

Sitel Group connects many of the world’s best-known brands with their customers – 3.5 million times a day. As a global customer experience (CX) management leader, we leverage our 80,000 people, 30+ years of industry-leading experience and the entrepreneurial mindset of our founders to deliver omnichannel experiences including voice, chat and social media. From Fortune 500 companies to local startups, we represent 400+ clients across all verticals.

Our group’s breadth of capabilities go beyond business process outsourcing (BPO) to support every stage of the customer journey. We are redefining the contact center and improving business results by integrating innovative solutions – such as self-care and automation – with the human touch, emotion and empathy of our people.

As a leading CX platform, we are powered by industry experts to deliver tailored CX solutions to our clients through a consultative, customer-centric approach adding value at every touchpoint – regardless of location, channel or time of day.

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We are Sitel.

In its simplest form, we are people helping people – one experience at a time.

How we want to be perceived

How we are perceived is crucial. The look and feel of our communications play a vital role in this; therefore, we must adhere to all guidelines.

A strong brand visual identity positions our group as a leader in customer experience management. Consistent usage of the identity enhances the world’s recognition of who we are and visually reinforces our reputation for quality and leadership.

These guidelines should be leveraged as a call to action to align our creative work and bring focus to a connected system. Our shared elements unite the solutions we offer, and when they’re used together — again and again — they are the foundation for the stories we want our brand, our people and our solutions and services to tell.

The identity elements – logo, typography, color, grids and imagery – make it easier to create memorable internal and external communications.

Use of our brand is managed by Sitel Group’s Global Marketing Organization. With questions, contact

Our People

As we said, the employee experience is the customer experience, so we foster an environment where are people are encouraged to be creative thinkers, take calculated risks and seek unique solutions. We believe connections are at the heart of our business – connections with our clients, connections with our associates and connections with the local communities in which we operate. We connect people to brands and brands to people by constantly delivering exceptional experiences regardless of the solution, location or channel.

Our people are passionate about their customers and they have the training and tools to deliver a unique and exceptional experience to every customer – anywhere, any time via any channel.

Our foundation is built upon our entrepreneurial DNA and mindset and shapes our core beliefs and drives our actions.

Our Values

Be Bold
Seek innovation.
Stay open-minded.
Do more with less.
Be passionate.
Dare to be different.

Work Together
Have fun.
Build relatonships.
Leverage collectve genius.
Inspire others.
Give back.

Build Trust
Be authentic.
Lead by example.
Communicate fearlessly.
Actively engage.
Take ownership.

Wow Customers
Listen intently.
Show empathy.
Create unique experiences.
Add value.
Always over deliver.

Our values represent the foundation on which we strive to achieve in all interactions with each other, our clients and our customers. Our values are part of our DNA and guide the way we work with our business partners, within our communities and with each other.

Working together in an environment of trust, through our commitment to our client’s customers, and focus on success, we have created a vibrant group culture where ideas can flourish, people can thrive and we grow as one team, for one purpose.

Writing about our values

Be bold. Be smart. Be you.

We encourage our associates to raise their hand when they have issues, share their thoughts and constantly evolve to become more efficient and effective. Whether you’re an agent or the CEO, you have a voice, an opinion and a story to tell within the organization. Get out of your comfort zone – be bold.

Within the digital transformation we are in, we must constantly seek innovation, stay open-minded, do more with less, be passionate and dare to be different.

So, stand out in the crowd! Our people are not only a number – they are the heart and soul of our organization and our voice to the world.

As a member of our team, we encourage you to reach your peak and don’t settle for ordinary. Be bold.

Work together. Empower each other.

Our people often refer to their teams as their family. With our People First culture, we foster a community where we work hard and play hard.

You spend a lot of time at work. It’s important you love what you do and where you work. People who love what they do create better experiences – for their coworkers, for their community and for their customers. As part of a strong team, you leverage collective genius.

While working together, our associates have fun, build relationships, inspire each other (others) and give back within their communities. We make use of our global footprint and capabilities to have a positive impact on all those around us.

Trust is the key to success.

Trust is not something you gain in one contact. Trust, or confidence in someone or something, is built over time by authenticity, engaging, leading by example, taking ownership and, finally, communicating fearlessly – by being completely transparent.

Trust is at the core of relationships – but it must be earned. We build trust with our clients by consistently delivering against their expectations and fostering a culture of transparency and mutual respect.

As a Sitel Group associate, we look forward to building a rapport and trust with you from the start.

Wow everyone.

With our organization’s entrepreneurial spirit guiding us, we are on a journey every day to be better than we were yesterday. Customer service is at the heart of who we are and we have one goal in everything we do: to wow our customers.

Whether our customers are our clients, our clients’ customers, our leadership team or each other, we work diligently – each and every day – to listen intently, show empathy, create unique experiences, add value and always over deliver – to wow our stakeholders at every touchpoint.

We won’t settle for anything less than wow!

What differentiates us

We are global. We are experts. We are Sitel.

Whilst we are a global organization, we have an entrepreneurial mindset as we’ve grown from a startup (Groupe Acticall, est. 1994) to a global leader in CX management. By leveraging this transformative mindset, our extensive industry expertise and our integrated solutions, we enhance brand experiences by bringing more value to today’s multi-faceted customer journey.

We blend the best of human, emotion-led conversations with the best new technologies and solutions to build meaningful connections with customers and, ultimately, strengthen brand loyalty for our clients.

Customer needs are rapidly changing. As CX innovators, we help evolve today’s brands for tomorrow’s challenges. We continuously draw insights from our integrated solutions and our extensive arsenal of data to help effectively manage the changing landscape, by shifting customer service strategies.

Beyond a BPO

While traditional BPO is our heritage, our group of CX services goes well beyond BPO with our suite of offerings. We are constantly innovating and expanding our offerings to ensure we’re relevant for today and tomorrow.

Global Strength, Local Flexibility

We combine our expansive global geographic footprint and breadth of service offerings, with local leadership and expertise to deliver the CX solutions that perfectly align with our client’s needs in the right market. Our integrated, end-to-end CX management solutions offer unparalleled customer care — from voice to chat, artificial intelligence (AI) to social media engagement and employee training to data insights.

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