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Social Media Voice & Tone

Our social media channels represent the corporate voice of Sitel Group. Our audience is global, diverse and dynamic. We are addressing Sitel Group associates, industry stakeholders, potential clients and customers as well as the general public. Our voice is global and should reflect our international structure.

Sitel Group’s social media tone should reflect who we are. We are professionals, we are innovative, we are fresh and we have vast knowledge of our industry. Not only are we spearheading technology within our industry, but we put our People First. This human element of our group is at the center of our social media process and should be reflected in how we speak about our company. Be humble, be polite, be professional and put our People First.

Ownership of Posts

All messages posted from Sitel Group’s social media accounts are posted in the character voice described above.

Giving others credit

While social media is great for sharing thoughts and ideas, don’t forget that just like any other type of published content, it’s important to cite materials used on social channels. Make sure to tag the author of the content you share if possible.

The easiest way to give credit to another source is to just simply retweet or share the post from Twitter or Facebook. On Twitter you can manually retweet their content, be sure to include RT before the original or add MT if you are modifying the content. Facebook makes sharing a post very easy–just click “share.”

Retweet, share, report and like

  • Tag accounts – @accountname works on most social media platforms

Writing for social media

Sitel Group’s social media accounts are meant to be a way to talk to our large and diverse audience about a variety of topics, from industry news to associate initiatives. Given that Sitel Group is a corporate account, it needs to follow a set of rules when it comes to writing.


It is important that every communication from Sitel Group’s social media accounts are free of mistakes and typos. Before posting on any platform, ensure the content goes through your local proofreading process.

The official language of the accounts is American English, and writing should be done according to the standards of this language. The same goes for proofreading. If you do not have an official proofreader, reach out to the Global Marketing & Communications team for guidance.

Write short, but smart

Less is more. As a general rule, try keeping your copy as short, simple and succinct as possible – without taking away from the information.

  • Example: Instead of: Our team in the United Kingdom has done something amazing today for the local community”  use “Great community outreach from our UK team”

Each social media platform has a character limit, and we recommend staying far from the limit. Abbreviations are acceptable if they are commonly accepted in English.

  • Example: Using info for information is acceptable, using “u” for “ You” is not. Correct grammar must be reflected.


We leverage hashtags smartly and deliberately. Sitel Group has a few corporate hashtags which apply to every social platform. These hashtags are a sampling reflecting our values, our brand and our offerings:

  • #SitelLife (for user-generated content and when we see our people)
  • #SitelCOUNTRY (e.g. #SitelCanada; #SitelColombia, etc.)
  • #SitelSITE (e.g. #SitelNorman; #SitelExeter; etc.)

For hashtags, more is not always merrier! Refrain from using every hashtag on each post. Choose the hashtag most relevant to your content. You can also use contextual hashtags to help the visibility of your post (ex: #WorldEnvironmentDay). Keep your hashtags to a reasonable amount per post. We recommend using between one and three hashtags per post.

If your hashtags are formed of several words, make sure to capitalize the first letter of each word to help with readability.

  • Example: #sitellife→ #SitelLife

Trending Topics

Using trending topics to increase post visibility is a good practice, but it needs to follow Sitel Group’s voice and tone.

Political, religious and societal statements are strictly prohibited. As we are a global organization, we must respect a variety of cultures, religions and opinions.

If a post generates unwanted and negative attention from a trending topic, refer to Sitel Group’s Social Media Contingency Plan, and reach out to a meber of the Global Marketing team.

Sitel Group – Employee Usage of Social Media

Social Media Use

We recognize the power and reach that social media has and how great these channels can be for both Sitel and the members of our community. At Sitel, we encourage responsible, accountable and careful use of these communication channels.

Here you can find guidelines designed to be helpful and a source of useful advice, protecting Sitel, its structure and all of its associates.

Personal vs. Private

Social media tools such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and LinkedIn are personal – but that doesn’t mean they are private! Everything you write in your personal network can be found through search engines (such as Google), even in cases where only your contacts can see what you write. Always be authentic, transparent, add value
and think carefully before posting.

Confidentiality & Best Practices

Sitel must ensure that confidentiality and the reputation of the company and its clients are always protected. This is why each associate signs a Confidentiality clause in his/her contract.
Please, read carefully the guidelines of our Social Media Policy:

• Do not disclose Company information, breach copyright, defame the Company or its clients, suppliers, customers or employees, or disclose personal data or information about any individual
• Ensure that you do not conduct yourself in a way that is detrimental to the company, its client or business partners
• Ensure that you do not perform any act that might bring yourself, the company, the company’s clients or business partners into disrepute
• Employees must not communicate in a manner that could be considered discriminatory against, or bullying or harassment of, any Sitel employee
• When an employee leaves Sitel they must not divulge any company information or make negative reference to the Company or its clients, suppliers, customers or employees.
• Be responsible for the contents that you publish – all your content will be online for a very long time and may damage Sitel’s or others’ reputation. Be smart in protecting your own on the internet.
• Respect Laws – think carefully about the content you share or publish and pay special attention related to Intellectual Property and Personal Data Protection.

Time to Use Social Media

The company respects an employee’s right to a private life and does not object to employees setting up personal accounts on social networking sites or blogs on the internet, in your own time and using your own computer systems. However, you must not do so on company-owned media or in work time.

You can always use your break times to check your social media and also, to visit Sitel’s social media channels. In fact, we encourage you to get social and tell us about your #SitelLife on your personal social media channels.

You should always report to your manager, or via Ethics Point, if you believe these guidelines are not being properly applied or if you are aware of any conversation that you feel that Sitel needs to know about. If you have any questions regarding the guidelines set forth in this document, please seek the support or guidance of your management team.

What to Do if You’re Contact on Social Media

On social media channels, we are all connected – and it is easy to be found!

If you are contacted on Social Media about your work, our company or our clients, DO NOT PROVIDE ANY INFORMATION. Immediately contact your manager about it and contact Sitel’s Public Relations Department at You must not provide any information regarding our company, our clients, our client’s contacts and your work. Always remember, we are dealing with sensitive information and we are working to the wellbeing of the people we support.

Social Media Imagery

Our social media channels represent the corporate voice of Sitel Group. Our voice is global and should reflect our international structure.

That’s why all images and graphics must follow our brand guidelines:

  • Logo
  • Colors used
  • Typography
  • Iconography
  • Image processing with a gradient

Depending on the type of publication, the choice and use of elements may vary.

Note: the use of the tagline is not recommended

Image composition

The use and composition of visuals for social media follows that for all other media previously defined in this document. Photoshop format templates are at your disposal on our GrowthCenter.

How to use gradients

When using an image as part of a post, using a gradient is preferred.

As a reminder, there are three possible types of gradient:

  • Partial – the gradient covers half of the image
  • Total – covering the entire image
  • Elective – used to reveal a specific element of the image (preferably a face)

Note: the type of publication will dictate whether or not a gradient is suitable

How to use text

In general, use Geogrotesque.

However, if the asset is content heavy, use Calibri for copy other than titles.

Apply the same principles to social media text as for other media covered in the Brand section :

  • Combination of different weights
  • Use of italics
  • Combination of different sizes
  • Applying a gradient to the text
  • Using a rectangle or circle behind the text

Note: seasonal fonts can be used (Christmas, Halloween, etc.) but only as titles (e.g. ‘Halloween Party’)

In practice

On a picture or a video, you can apply a gradient either:

  • In the background
  • As layer over a picture
  • On the text, or
  • In the box behind the text

If you use a gradient in the background or over a picture, we recommend using one of the following:

  • A black box with white text or white box with black text • Black text or white text (without box)
  • A combination of both

Note: use only one type of gradient per asset (image, video, carousel, etc.)


Sitel Group’s Facebook page acts as an umbrella to all Sitel local pages. The tone on this page will reflect this structure.


Sitel Group’s Instagram page is geared toward the human factor of our brand. We post images illustrating initiatives taken by our associates all over the world.

  • Good-quality images taken with a good camera (low-quality pictures will not be posted)
  • Pictures/Videos must match the 1:1 or 4:5 ratios
  • Refrain from using filters if possible
  • The official Sitel Group filter on Instagram is Clarendon
  • If posting a video on Instagram, make sure it fits a square format or 4:5 ratio
  • Select a thumbnail for videos to avoid a black square in our feed
  • If uploading a video for IGTV, make sure you have a vertical video (9:16)


Sitel Group leverages LinkedIn to promote associate initiatives, event coverage and share industry news from the blog. If posting an article on LinkedIn, make sure to upload a cover image that:

  • Follows Sitel Group’s design guidelines
  • Is 1200X628 pixels (300 DPI recommended)
  • Pertains to the article

Note: the platform automatically shortens the URL for you. If you replace the picture, ensure you keep the clickability of the image (image links to the article).

Videos on LinkedIn should be uploaded at a 16:9 format horizontal only.


Sitel Group’s Twitter account is designed to share company and industry content and to interact with stakeholders. When posting on Twitter, follow the following guidelines:

  • While image size is fairly flexible, we recommend the following two formats:
    • Square: 1080 X 1080
    • Horizontal: 1024 x 512
  • The character limit on Twitter is now 280 characters, but we recommend keeping the length of your post under 200 characters if possible to allow for retweets and comments
  • If you’re tagging someone on the tweet, do NOT put the @mention at the very beginning of the tweet
  • Shorten the URL before posting; the recommended tool is

While retweets are a great way to share other people’s content, make sure that the content being retweeted follows our brand guidelines cited in this document.


YouTube will be part of a pilot in 2019


Regional & Local Social Media

Many of our offices, regions and countries have their own social media channels they manage locally or through the Social Media Hubs.

These regional and local channels must adhere to our brand guidelines and social media imagery.

See Our Brand and Employment Branding for specifics.

Social Media Hubs content strategy

Within social media, we have less than six seconds to catch people’s attention. Leveraging our branding guidelines, content should be eye-catching and easily recognized as Sitel in order to drive the conversation to our great job environments and growth opportunities. Social media has become one of the strongest platforms our locations have found to promote their hiring events and boost their recruitment efforts.

The goal of social media is multipurpose.

  • Recruit candidates
  • Increase brand awareness

By creating quality and relevant content for our audience, we increase the interest they might have in our brand, our people and, ultimately, our career opportunities.

Local content must:

  • Follow our color palette. Colors outside of our brand will not be approved.
  • Adhere to our font. Calibri is our official font and must be used in we need to use in social media to create consistency and brand recognition. As an exception, font variation for specific posts (recruitment/engagement) with a specific theme can be replied but Calibri cannot be replaced and will continue to be the main font.
  • The logo must be present in all posts. The only exception is whenever we have an engagement post in which the logo covers the picture and the concept.
  • Due to 20% text Facebook policy, two lines are used for the strapline (Empower humans. Enhance brands.)  – one straight line interferes with this policy and some visuals have not been approved due to this.
  • Political, religious and societal statements are strictly prohibited.
  • Animated patterns and other animated elements can be used on InstaStories, taking into consideration that Instagram is a more visual platform and we need to appeal the user’s attention.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Think locally, act globally. We are a global company, be careful of what content you will post. Could it be offensive to others? Is it appropriate? Take care of our image.
  • No logo needed, we want to show our people!
  • Be strategic. Ensure you plan ahead and do not post just to post.
  • When using pictures, make sure they are good, high-resolution quality.
  • Do not post pictures from the production floor of a site – our client information is confidential.
  • Do not use copyrighted content such as celebrities, brand logos, etc.
  • Be careful. Make sure you check and re-check your grammar and syntax for typos and errors.

Recruitment Content

This is our most branded content. We want to let our audience know that working with us is a great opportunity with tremendous growth potential. We must show all the brand represents.

  • Job postings
  • Events
  • Open houses
  • Job boards
  • Campaign-specific content


Engagement Content

Engagement content is more relaxed and fun. Its purpose is to drive the conversation in our social media channels and build recognition for who we are and what we do at Sitel Group.

Trending topics in social media are one of the most important aspects to position our brand in the local market. When applicable, we take advantage of international/national festivities to create posts to interact with our community and get more followers.

  • Fun, local content


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